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scoopgirl79 [userpic]
by scoopgirl79 (scoopgirl79)
at February 15th, 2011 (09:28 pm)

Hello Forever Devoted 2 Clois members.

I have gone through and delete live journal accounts that are no longer active on live journal. If I did perhaps delete yours by fault please rejoin. :D Hope you are all enjoying the last season of Smallville... I'm so far enjoying the season very much. :D

Giulia [userpic]
10 Smallville (#9.21 Hostage)
by Giulia (e0wyn)
at May 12th, 2010 (09:21 pm)
current song: The Bee Gees - More Than A Woman

[8 - 17] SMALLVILLE  (#9.21 Hostage)



( This way ) @ e0wyn 

Barbara [userpic]
Fic: 1, 2, 3, 4 (Smallville)
by Barbara (htbthomas)
at August 9th, 2009 (05:02 pm)

Title: 1, 2, 3, 4
Author: htbthomas
Category: Smallville
Prompt: #14 / “1, 2, 3, 4” by the Plain White T’s
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,637 words.
Summary: There’s only one way to say those three words...
Spoilers: General spoilers for Season 9, and the information from the 2009 Comic Con panel.

Author’s Notes: Thanks to northern_star, chickadilly and mark_clark for the beta.


( “What was that you said, Smallville?” Lois lifted her eyes from her notepad to look across the desk at Clark. She was sure that he’d said, “Gotta fly.” Her head was suddenly filled with odd images of Clark actually soaring through the air. But that was absurd... )

scoopgirl79 [userpic]
Halloween Layout :)
by scoopgirl79 (scoopgirl79)
at October 28th, 2008 (07:23 pm)

Tell me what you guys think... I just made it tonight, and sent the layout to Jeane... :) Enjoy :)

Louise [userpic]
New icons !
by Louise (louisemcgregor)
at August 6th, 2008 (01:18 am)


Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

(Smallville Icons)

krazykikikiari [userpic]
Erica in Sleeping with the Lion
by krazykikikiari (krazykikikiari)
at June 29th, 2008 (12:10 am)

As some of us have heard, Erica has been speculated to appear in a new movie "Sleeping with the Lion". We've just heard a latest news regarding this.

(Latest News)

Special thanks to Chumpy on DI for bringing this to my attention

krazykikikiari [userpic]
Erica Durance in "Final Verdict"
by krazykikikiari (krazykikikiari)
at June 24th, 2008 (06:03 pm)

We'll see Erica again soon. She's just finished with her new movie "Final Verdict". Erica was up playing the assistant district attorney in Duniz's potboiler, according to Canada.com Gazette. Final Verdict wrapped shooting on June 19th in Montreal.

Special thanks to Jen for the info, and to Luke for bringing this to my attention.

(Read in Detail)

For discussion, go HERE

scoopgirl79 [userpic]
New Layout for summer Request
by scoopgirl79 (scoopgirl79)
at June 17th, 2008 (07:19 am)

Is there anyone out there with talent? We need a new layout for the live journal and I'm willing to take anyone who is willing to bring fourth an awesome one. 

1. Must be summer feeling
2. Must have Clark and Lois [at least three of the verison have to be within the picture]
3. Have fun... :)

Banner needs to be 375... background 800x900 .. Enjoy ..

krazykikikiari [userpic]
BuddyTV poll
by krazykikikiari (krazykikikiari)
at June 16th, 2008 (09:19 am)

BuddyTV has a poll going on for Smallville. Who should Clark End Up With at the End of Smallville: Lois or Lana? Well, you all know what to do. Go HERE

Louise [userpic]
Lois Lane new video !
by Louise (louisemcgregor)
at June 15th, 2008 (03:13 pm)

I finally did a new video centric on Lois for the "Lois Lane Love Week". Just because I think our girl deserves a little respect because she is an awesome person ! :)


Kelly Clarkson - Respect

Links:Youtube and Sendspace

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